Step Update #6

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3 min readFeb 18, 2022


New Look Step. #SteppingUp new landing page

Today we are excited to be launching an updated landing page to to better facilitate the onboarding of the next billion users into Solana. Some of the new features launching today are:

  • Updated landing page designs, this will be the click-through link for all of our future paid marketing campaigns
  • Once new people arrive on Step we are introducing a new educational section soon where we will host various videos and articles explaining more about Crypto, DeFi and Step
  • We have some upcoming changes to the Step Dashboard in colours and themes based on this new design which we will be happy to share with you all soon!
  • Our ‘Learn’ page will soon have a fully animated video short explaining what DeFi and Step is, video currently under development

We have also had a very busy last few weeks full of new collaborations, new products, new Step features and a ton of performance and coverage enhancements to the app.

New Collaborations:

We are delighted to be getting more deeply involved in the Star Atlas ecosystem. We want Step to be the go to portfolio manager for all Star Atlas players and be a place they can uncover interesting insights in what’s happening on-chain which may influence their gameplay decisions.

To this end we are sponsoring some of the best Star Atlas data providers in the ecosystem with and who have been providing excellent charts and data to the SA community for a while now.

We are also delighted to today announce our collaboration with Star Atlas’s largest guild: The Club Guild they have some great stats over at to explore and a helpful and growing discord community!

We are keen to work with anyone who is working on data on Solana and the Solana gaming community certainly has a lot going on!

Solend Step Pool

Solend also recently launched an isolated pool for STEP, xSTEP, SOL and USDC holders at ! Step users can leverage their xSTEP holdings here or get liquidity on their existing staked positions by borrowing against it. Lots of potential strategies possible which we outlined in some recent posts here:

Reward options live

We have talked a lot about Reward Options and a few weeks ago they went live! We are now into our 4th round of Reward Options issuance, be sure to use the Step AMM to make sure you are eligible!

Performance Improvements:

Our latest update has improved the performance of loading positions in many yield farms and LP protocols like Saber and Orca. One of our highest priorities at the moment is ensuring performance keeps pace with all the updates we are adding. The more load we put onto our backend nodes the more performance degrades over time which is why we are indexing a lot of the commonly accessed information for farms now which will help speed things up dramatically over time.



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