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3 min readOct 23, 2022
tis the season

gm to all as we are in the final stretch of 2022. It is that time of year where everyone is foot on the throttle to the finish line, there are lots of holidays/disruptions, conferences and end of year goals to hit. Its no different for Step.

Lets take a look back at what Q3 brought and the most recent updates this month.

  • Continued performance gains, dashboard generally loading for even the most complex wallets in < 3 seconds.
  • New integrations and coverage updates: Star Atlas, PsyFi, UXD, Ratio, Brave wallet and many more!
  • Onchain Referrals live!
  • Translations for Turkish

Infact everything we said we were going to do in the Q3 update was pushed out ontime:

Q3 Update goals

With the exception of one thing, the big one- the new Step Analytics product. Rest assured we still intend to get it out before the end of the year as we have said before and we have a MVP taking shape internally. Nothing much more to add on that front other than we are pushing ahead and making progress every week.

Closing out the Year

So what do we have in store for the end of 2022? Well, other than trying to get out the Analytics MVP there are also plenty of milestones:

  • Solana Breakpoint conference, the whole ecosystem will be there aswell as the Step team, many meetings with our partner projects
  • New media announcements and launches: Solanafloor turning into more of a media website for NFTs and Solana news is taking shape, should be out soon.
  • Podcasts, written content and maybe a Step conference on the cards :0
  • Performance, Coverage and Bugfixes to Step
  • New collections added almost daily to Solanafloor
  • Updates to Transaction History- faster, better

And maybe some other third party things we are cooking up with our ecosystem friends. You may also have seen us being alot more active recently in the content space with much more social media engagement, guides and videos- the marketing team has been polished and formed into a well oiled machine and metrics are up all over the place on that front.

Overall its a case of business as usual, delivering new cool features and enhancement for users while also moving toward the end goal of being “The front page of Solana” especially in the area of data. Bear markets are a time for building and we intend to continue doing exactly that.

Another impressive thing has been the integration of the Solanafloor team into the broader Step team which I think is doing very well. Whenever you try to put together two different products and teams there can be some initial turbulence but we have been able to make steady progress and now its all thought of internally as one big product and team. Bravo!

As always, stay posted to our socials, checkout our data newsletters, and join the Discord to hang out with the community, come say hello!



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