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3 min readJul 6, 2022


Step shining bright

Well its quarterly roadmap time again this time we are in the 3rd Q already and there’s only 4 Q’s in a year, how time flys... This is indeed an interesting time for the crypto market, we are solidly in a bear market with a lot of projects and companies blowing up left and right and some projects going silent or winding down their activity completely, its really in times like this that legends are made and we at Step are full steam ahead hiring and building no matter what the macro is like.

If you missed our previous Q2 Roadmap its worth a quick recap on what’s been achieved so far. I’d say we have probably achieved 70% of our goals with some things just not making it over the line and others being about 80% done. Tasks like performance have been ongoing with many of our onchain calls for pricing and individual integrations being moved to the backend and reducing load when you load your Step dashboard. Coverage is another ongoing task which we have integrated several more complex protocols like lenders or PERP dees and options vaults etc. I expect we will see less new projects launching this quarter so integrating them isnt such a big priority for us at the moment. NFT pricing has been another thing which is now running smoothly with our Magic Eden and Solanafloor integrations (we are rocking both APIs). The Opportunities page has seen some updates this Q as have other areas of the app like our entire UX overhaul.

Overall the Q2 roadmap was mostly accurate and many of the things not addressed there will carry over to Q3.

Q3 is about product delivery

As you know, our focus going forward is data and to do that we need to start delivering on those data product releases. You will start seeing some of these emerging over the coming weeks and months as our indexing infrastructure is almost ready for primetime. In the same way since inception we were focused on quickly rolling out new integrations we are now looking for that pace and cadence in data products. There will be a lot of unique areas we are able to start displaying to users in the form of metrics related to their wallet and to the blockchain or specific contracts as a whole.

So for us, while Q3 remains about staying on course for performance, coverage and bug fixes we also will be rolling out new dashboards on the data side. Along with that will also come Translations (starting with Turkish language) and Referrals soon too.

We also recently launched the Step Data Insights newsletter recently and it has been going very well so far. We have had internal discussions of maybe also adding more in depth reports like like Messari, likely this is something we may explore at a later date.

Bera Market Blues Cope

It’s no secret that everywhere in the industry gets less active during bear markets. Less users visiting and transacting while tokens lose a lot of the built up value from over a year of speculative frenzy. Step is not immune to that but on the bright side it also reinforces focus in the market on those with real business models. That could mean a few things- we are seeing projects not able to raise funding as easily as before which perhaps gives more focus on the ones who have a sustainable path forward, it also can mean some devs may be out looking for a job in times like this and there is good opportunities for talent acquisition.

Step is on the lookout for talent as always to join our growing team and we are still on the hunt for good projects we can partner with or support via our Data Fund with grants or investment or both. This is an exciting time for us as we transition to the next big product vertical and we look forward to what we will have to show you all over the coming weeks its going to be awesome!

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