Q3/Q4 Recap and Roadmap

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3 min readSep 15, 2023
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Well we are into the final home stretch of the year and it feels like a lot of things coming into place now. Lets do a quick recap on progress made during Q3 and the exciting developments for Q4.

Goals for Q3:

  • Begin Step App development
  • Launch Allstars in Turkey
  • Launch Transaction History V3
  • Launch Solana Chain performance analytics
  • Launch Dex analytics
  • Token2022, cNFT, Hadeswap and some other coverage integrations
  • Solanafloor backend merge to Step infra
  • A lot of tech debt
  • Crossroads 2024 venue lock in and logistics
  • 1–5 sponsors for Allstars (spoiler: we did 11)
  • StepDAO bounty growth and user growth
  • Many other media related metrics for growth team
  • Many other misc dev tasks

Overall we achieved all this with a few exceptions. At time of writing the Transaction History V3 is yet to be deployed but should be in the next 2 weeks before the end of Q3. The Solana Chain performance and Dex metrics are also in development right now and if not making it before the end of Q3 should be arriving very soon at the start of Q4. We also had one other NFT lender under consideration for integration however didn’t get to it. This quarter consisted of 267 tasks for our dev team and while not tracked the same way, a similar mammoth effort from our growth team.

Many growth team metrics are at ATH for content creation, impressions, engagements, frequency etc and StepDAO has been blowing up with activity so much so that we needed to adjust the bounties several times to ensure its the right kind of growth thats high value. Closing Q3 there will be 5–6 cities live for Allstars and closing in on 1000+ attendees monthly.

Most exciting on the dev side is our time to market will be a lot less now with backend infra and better charting infra enabling us to throw up charts for any number of metrics quicker to grow the base of what’s offered on Step Analytics. A lot of the work being done there is not user facing but necessary.

Q4 Rounding Out 2023

Q4 is all about building on the groundwork of the last few months with some of the priorities listed below:

  • Solanafloor data migration work ongoing
  • Rebranded Solanafloor News site
  • Analytics app- more charts more charts more charts
  • Mobile app beta testing launch
  • Improve coverage of existing protocols on dash and analytics
  • Some prototyping of cool yet to be announced features :0
  • Be in 10+ Allstars cities by year end in Turkey and Nigeria
  • Continued content creation across Socials, Newsletters, SF News, Podcast and Reports.

Many of these items will result in many user facing changes and updates to various Step platforms. Our goal continues to be to drive more daily active users to our products and create value for our customers which generate revenues to the protocol, we believe Q4 will do a lot of that.

As always the way we rank priorities is in part due to customer feedback so please do let us know what you’d like to see at Step and the best way to do that is come join the discord and make your suggestion known in the Ideas-club channel!



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